At Parrish Law Group, we understand that divorce is a difficult situation.  It becomes even more complicated when the issues of custody, visitation, and division of assets are involved. 

The law and courtroom procedures are complex, which is why you should contact an attorney at Parrish Law Group.

Mr. Parrish has handled hundreds of family law cases, litigating all divorce-related issues,  including, but not limited to:  child custody, visitation, child support, child support arrears, division of marital debts, division of real property, division of personal property, division of retirement accounts, division of businesses and spousal support (frequently called alimony).

At Parrish Law Group our focus is on the client.  We zealously and successfully advocate for each of our clients.  We assist our clients at every stage of the divorce, including prior to the filing of the divorce action, mediation, litigation of the case, and entry of the final decree. 

Parrish Law Group looks for creative strategies to obtain our clients’ desired outcome.  Whether your case is uncontested or high conflict, rest assured that Parrish Law Group will guide you through this difficult process.